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Jun 05, 2013

Omni brings full-body VR gaming to Kickstarter

I am really excited about this new interest in Virtual Reality, since I have been a fan of this technology for quite some time.

The latest news is that the virtual reality gaming device Omni launched a funding campaign Tuesday in Kickstarter and in few hours, more than doubled its goal of $150,000!

Omni Kickstarter

Used in tandem with the Oculus Rift and motion controller Razer Hydra, it potentially offers an unprecedented degree of immersion.

It's also a good news that VR hardware has been dropping dramaticaly in price in the last couple of years - I am thinking about at the incredible value-for-money of the Oculus Rift (dev kit: $300, consumer version: unknown - rumored <$300).

I had the privilege of trying out the Oculus (thanks to my friend Giuseppe, who got one in advance by supporting the project on Kickstarter) and I must say, it's just AMAZING.

The last time I had this feeling it was when I tested a CAVE system for the first time, during my internship at the CCVR. And now, 10 years after my first encounter with immersive VR, I am just as excited as then and look forward to try all novelties that are coming in very soon.

Help Dravet's Syndrome children

Dravet's syndrome is a rare genetic dysfunction of the brain with onset during the first year in an otherwise healthy infant. Despite the devastating nature of this condition, its rarity and relatively new distinction as its own syndrome mean that there is little formal research available.

I was introduced to this disease by a friend of mine and wanted to help in some way. If you also want to give a contribution, you can do it by getting in touch with the Dravet Syndrome Foundation or, if you are from Italy, with the Italian one.

Your donation will help fight this disease. Hope you can help - even a visit to these associations will do..

Sindrome di Dravet

Jun 03, 2013


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