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Feb 25, 2007

TANGO: The Next Generation of Assitive Communication Devices



Via Medgadget 


A company called Blink Twice is developing a speech-generating device that promises to improve the way differently-abled children communicate with their world:


The tango! is an amazing communication aid that accomplishes all the amazing things you've seen in the emulation. It contains phrases, words, and spelling, all in easier-to-understand, digitally enhanced or synthesized voices. In a snap, it lets you create photo albums, do voice-morphing, and change icons using photos.

The tango! is the first speech-generating device to bring the power of mass communications and consumer electronics to the world of AAC. It combines a broad array of communication methods, such as an intuitive language hierarchy, ingenious new icons, and easy-to-access pop-ups, with the vast power of consumer electronics - like a built-in camera and voice morphing, so individuals can better match their specific communication needs with the best features to achieve them.

Nov 05, 2006

Nano-optical switches to restore sight?

From Emerging Technology Trends 

Californian researchers are using light to control biological nanomolecules and proteins. They think it's possible to put some of their nano-photoswitches in the cells of the retina, restoring light sensitivity in people with degenerative blindness such as macular degeneration...

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Oct 30, 2006

Spoken SMS for the hearing impaired

From Textually.org

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According to Tokyomanga, "Japan's Ministry of Health just launched a major collaborative effort with 10+ companies and research institutes to create highly exportable, high-tech devices for people with hearing and vision disabilities, including one that will instantly translate spoken words into cell phone text messages for the hearing impaired"