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Oct 31, 2006

A couple of interesting links about locative media

Check out these couple of links (via LADS):

1) Tip // Location-Based social networking from NavXS

NavXS Windows Mobile Client

NavXS, short for Navigation Exchange Service, is a location-based social network. Think of it as an instant messaging service, like MSN or ICQ, but in addition to seeing when other users are online, you can see where they are online.

have a look to the NavXS website. The service is running in beta version, but one can sign up and try it.

there is also a blog (still under construction)

2) iPointer Platform

iPointer Platform Overview Diagram

The iPointerâ„¢ Platform is a platform for developing location-based applications such as mobile search, GPS tracking, geotagging, geoblogging, pedestrian navigation, and targeted advertising. The platform allows users to point, click, and select points of interest such as historical buildings, restaurants, and landmarks with their cell phone or PDA and then receive location-specific multimedia content.

The iPointer includes both a client component that runs on most cell phones and PDAs and a server-based geospatial search engine. The iPointer client relies on data collected from GPS receivers such as the SiRFstarIII and a digital compass. The search engine is a hosted service that identifies a point of interest and sends back data that can be aggregated from a variety of content sources. Applications include self-guided historic tours, city guides, campus tours, and pedestrian navigation.

Find out more here

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