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Jul 24, 2006

Biosensor watch: Exmocare

Via Medgadget 

The Exmocare system is comprised of a wireless connectivity-enabled wristwatch which monitors the wearer's heartrate, galvanic skin response, and motion - 24 hours a day. The watch transmits this data via Bluetooth wireless up to 300 feet to the wearer's computer, or Exmocare-enabled mobile device. This device, in turn, uploads the data to the Exmocare data center by way of the ExmoReporter software.
In addition to the PC-based ExmoReporter software, the complete Exmocare system also provides ExmoReporter Mobile Edition, which reports from your Bluetooth-enabled Windows Mobile Smart Phone, and the Exmocare Car Kit, which reports physiological and emotional data correlated with GPS location and vehicle speed data from the wristwatch-wearer's automobile, allowing for a mobile Personal Area Network that moves with the wristwatch-wearer wherever she or he goes.



Once the wristwatch reports, the Exmocare system interprets the sensor data and assesses the emotional and physical activity of the wristwatch wearer. The system can detect up to 10 different emotional states, in addition to the level of physical activity of the wearer.

The Exmocare system stores this data, along with the correlated raw data from the sensor. If something is out of the ordinary with the wristwatch wearer, Exmocare will send you an alert immediately by email, on your cell phone, or by instant message.

At any time you can also log into the website to see the data and correlated emotional state. Additionally, you can install the Exmonitor program on your Windows computer, which allows you to effortlessly monitor your loved one from your Windows taskbar, at home or at work.

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