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Jul 10, 2006

ECCE 13 - Zurich, Switzerland

Event Date: 20 September 2006 to 22 September 2006
Early bird registration is now possible for ECCE-13 till 26 August 2006.
The main theme of ECCE-13 is trust and control in complex socio-technical systems, including of course also single human-computer systems within larger systems. The horizons of cognitive ergonomics are expanding. With distributed and highly-interconnected systems, the control of these systems becomes ever more demanding. Can the controllability of systems still be secured in technology design? Does trust have to (partially) replace control and what consequences does that have on the distribution of responsibility for the correct and safe functioning of socio-technical systems? How can the coordination requirements and the management of uncertainty in systems with multiple human and artificial actors be better supported? The conference seeks to encourage dialogue among the diverse disciplines contributing to studies of the psychological, social and cultural aspects of technology use or technology design.

Marc Bourgois, EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre
Stefana Broadbent, Swisscom Innovations

Erik Hollnagel

Antonio Rizzo, Gudela Grote, William Wong

Gudela Grote, Antonio Rizzo, William Wong, Peter Wright, Willem-Paul Brinkman, Tjerk Van Der Schaaf. Erik Hollnagel, Jose Canas, Sebastiano Bagnara, Vincent Grosjean, Victor Kaptelinin, Clive Warren.

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