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Sep 05, 2005

Laser-based tracking for HCI

Via FutureFeeder

Smart Laser Scanner is a high resolution human interfaces that tracks one’s bare fingers as it moves through space in 3Ds. Developed by Alvaro Cassinelli, Stephane Perrin & Masatoshi Ishikawa, the system uses a laser, an array of moveable micro-mirrors, a photodector (an instrument that detects light), and special software written by the team to collect finger-motion data. The laser sends a beam of light to the array of micro-mirrors, which redirect the laser beam to shine on the finger tip. A photodector senses light reflected off the finger and works with the software to minutely and quickly adjust the micro-mirrors so that they constantly beam the laser light onto the fingertip. According to Cassinelli and his co-workers, the system's components could be eventually integrated into portable devices.

More to explore

The Smart Laser Scanner website (demo videos available for download)

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