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Nov 29, 2006

Macro-Bushido: A Geoethical Consciousness

From the Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness, 1(3) 2006 (via IEET

Japanese Samurai 

In this article, Martine Rothblatt, a "geoethical samurai", introduces Macro-Bushido, a set of ethical guidelines for the modern Info-Cultural Age. Macro-Bushido is based on Bushido, the unwritten code of ethics that guided Japan's samurai until about one hundred years ago. The seven principles of Bushido are: Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Politeness, Veracity, Honor and Loyalty. Rothblatt dissects each principle and explains how it could be applied to the modern world and in particular, to emerging cyberconsciousness. Rothblatt argues that upholding Macro-Bushido in today's world will result in many benefits, among them that humans may be saved from the consequences of shortsightedness by refocusing their attention on loyalty to a higher goal. In addition, a class of modern samurai may emerge to help keep humanity loyal to the objectives of diversity, unity and immortality. These ideals are invaluable as we arrive at personal cyberconsciousness within humanity's quest for survival.


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