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Mar 10, 2007

International PhD program in Computational Neuroscience

Via Neurobot

Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience

Berlin, Germany

The Bernstein Center Berlin solicits applications for an international PhD program in Computational Neuroscience

The PhD program is full-time for three years, and will start in October 2007. Course language is English. There are no tuition fees and the program offers a limited number of scholarships of up to € 1800,- per month initially for two years. The doctoral degree is awarded by the department of the student’s principal thesis advisor. Successful candidates additionally receive a certificate from the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience including a transcript of records.


Oct 11, 2006

Special Computational Neuroscience Issue of Science

From Neurodudes 

The October 6th issue of Science is a special issue devoted to computational neuroscience. From the introduction to the special issue:

Computational neuroscience is now a mature field of research. In areas ranging from molecules to the highest brain functions, scientists use mathematical models and computer simulations to study and predict the behavior of the nervous system. Simulations are essential because the present experimental systems are too complex to allow collection of all the data. Modeling has become so powerful these days that there is no longer a one-way flow of scientific information. There is considerable intellectual exchange between modelers and experimentalists. The results produced in the simulation lab often lead to testable predictions and thus challenge other researchers to design new experiments or reanalyze their data as they try to confirm or falsify the hypotheses put forward. For this issue of Science, we invited leading computational neuroscientists, each of whom works at a different organizational level, to review the latest attempts of mathematical and computational modeling and to give us an outlook on what the future might hold in store.