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Mar 26, 2008

Towards Partecipative Ecology: the OpenSpime project

OpenSpime is a project of a pervasive technology infrastructure that allows individuals and corporations to better understand their environment, through the use of a series of GPS-enabled sensors.

A brainchild of Leandro Agrò, Roberto Ostinelli and David Orban, OpenSpime was inspired by Bruce Sterling's vision of "Internet of Things". Sterling describes a new type of technological device called "spime", a physical object that is part of the internet as it becomes trackable in space and time, through pervasive RFID communications and GPS navigation.

In this sense, OpenSpime platform represents one of the first concrete attempt to turn Internet of Things into reality.  

The first spime they've designed is a sensor that can measure the CO2 level in parts-per-million in the surrounding air, and through a wireless connection can send that information back to the OpenSpime servers. There they can be mashed up and aggregated on Google Maps.

check it out the concept video:



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