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Mar 25, 2008

Physicality and Interaction: A Special Journal Issue of Interacting with Computers

Planned publication date: September 2008

Following the successful Physicality 2006 and Physicality 2007 International Workshops, which demonstrated the growing multi-disciplinary interest in this area of work, we invite submissions for this special issue on Physicality and Interaction for the interdisciplinary journal Interacting with Computers.

We live in an increasingly digital world yet our bodies and minds are naturally designed to interact with the physical. The products of the 21st century are and will be a synthesis of digital and physical elements embedded in new physical and social environments. As we design more hybrid physical/digital products, the distinctions for the user become blurred. It is therefore increasingly important that we understand what we gain, lose or confuse by the added digitality.

Augmented physical artefacts can be tailored and adapted to operate within a wide range of ecological settings. However, they also become more complex and require a fairly intensive design process to make them not simply practical and functional but also engaging. As a result, the need becomes even more pressing to comprehend the underlying computational intricacies, the physical form, properties and behaviour, the physical and social contexts, and the issues of aesthetics and creativity.

The issues in this field impact many areas of study: architecture, art, cognitive science, geography, human-computer interaction, philosophy, product design, sociology, tangible interface and ubiquitous computing.

We invite contributions that address physicality at various levels, including:

- design at the physical-digital frontier
- the philosophy of physicality
- artefact-focussed social interaction
- physically-inspired interaction in virtual worlds
- creativity and materiality
- interactive art and performance
- digital emulation of the physical
- the evolving role of digital artefacts in material culture

Length guide: 4000 - 7000 words
Paper deadline: 1st April 2008

To expedite the reviewing process prospective authors are encouraged to send an abstract at their earliest convenience. Detailed author guidelines can be found here

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