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Dec 08, 2007

Researching the Future: Aspects of Art and Technoetics 2007

Researching the Future: Aspects of Art and Technoetics 2007: December 7-9, 2007: Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Viale della Repubblica, 277 - 59100 Prato – Italia.

With: Roy Ascott, Mike Philips, Derrick de Kerckhove, Michael Punt, Laura Beloff, Elif Ayter, Isabelle Choiniere, Nicolas Reeves, Natasha Vita-More, Wolfgang Fiel, Semi Ryu, Francesco Monico, Pierluigi Capucci, Tommaso Tozzi, Massimo Cittadini, Stefano Sansavini, Domenico Quaranta, and Franco “Bifo” Berardi.

Topics-Themes: Media Art, Syncreticism, Technoetic, Moist Media, Phenomenology, Media Studies, Psychotechnologies, Transmodalities, Interactive Media Design, Virtual Reality, Enhanced Reality, Freud and Dream Science, Radical Thought, Semilife, Cultural Studies, Cognitive Architectures and Consciousness, Enteogenesis …

Now more than ever artists work through cultural interfaces, the ways and means, turning to evocations of both science and mythology, technology and tradition. The legacy of postmodernism has transformed itself in this “technoetic” variation. Today man is molded by hyperlinks, processors and networks and by bio and wet methodologies. Our senses are redefined, or rather, re-oriented from a collision with emerging realities, generated by new models of our world and of our subjectivity.

New art is linked to means that introduce it to a new praxis of production that is instantly pragmatic and philosophical. It (What? Art or the praxis?) generates interactivity and the transformation of common sense, both socially and aesthetically, while reflecting on the changing nature of perception, of connectivity and of conscience.

The man is not more into the center of the realm.

Works produced, both concretely and mentally, are made of a stratum of conscious associations, of unconscious sensitivity, of historic scientific data, of multiform unity and gripping discourse, fully interwoven in new telematic environments. These environments can be digital or natural and biological, furnishing us with new experiences and original creative visions.

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