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Oct 20, 2007

Interactive Multimodal Biofeedback System for Neurorehabilitation

Novel Design of Interactive Multimodal Biofeedback System for Neurorehabilitation.

Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2006;1:4925-4928

Authors: Huang H, Chen Y, Xu W, Sundaram H, Olson L, Ingalls T, Rikakis T, He J

A previous design of a biofeedback system for Neurorehabilitation in an interactive multimodal environment has demonstrated the potential of engaging stroke patients in task-oriented neuromotor rehabilitation. This report explores the new concept and alternative designs of multimedia based biofeedback systems. In this system, the new interactive multimodal environment was constructed with abstract presentation of movement parameters. Scenery images or pictures and their clarity and orientation are used to reflect the arm movement and relative position to the target instead of the animated arm. The multiple biofeedback parameters were classified into different hierarchical levels w.r.t. importance of each movement parameter to performance. A new quantified measurement for these parameters were developed to assess the patient's performance both real-time and offline. These parameters were represented by combined visual and auditory presentations with various distinct music instruments. Overall, the objective of newly designed system is to explore what information and how to feedback information in interactive virtual environment could enhance the sensorimotor integration that may facilitate the efficient design and application of virtual environment based therapeutic intervention.

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