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Jul 11, 2007

Myomo e100 NeuroRobotic System

Via Medgadget 

US company Myomo has announced that the e100 NeuroRobotic System, a technology designed to help in the rehabilitation process of patients by "engaging and reinforcing both neurological and motor pathways,"  has received FDA clearance to market.

How it Works

  • Patient's brain is the controller: When a patient attempts movement during therapy, their muscles contract and electrical muscle activity signals fire

  • Non-invasive sensing: An EMG sensor sits on the skin's surface to detect and continuously monitor a person's residual electrical muscle activity

  • Proprietary system software: Advanced signal processing software filters and processes the user's EMG signal, and then forwards the data to a robotic device

  • Proportional assistance: Portable, wearable robotics use the person's EMG signal to assist with desired movement; power assistance is customized to patient ability with Myomo's real-time adjustable control unit.



Product page: Myomo e100 NeuroRobotic System ...


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