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Jul 06, 2007

Using AI to produce 3D paintings

Via Emerging Technology Trends

Jason Green, CEO of Florida-based Medical Development International (MDI) announced that experts at his company have applied artificial intelligence to produce original, three-dimensional paintings.

From the press release:


Most computers store individual instructions as code with each instruction given a unique number; the simplest computers perform a handful of different instructions, while the more complex computers have several hundred to choose from.

Green took programming capability one-step further by producing thousands of images using a set color scheme and style from multiple images simultaneously created on multiple machines. The best of these images are then rendered at extremely high resolutions.

Green's "Virtual Van Gogh" takes High-Definition to an entirely different level. While the best High-Definition television (HDTV) currently available produces an image at 1980 x 1080 pixels, Green's program render's the painting's resolution to 7500 x 5000 taking more than 156 hours.



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