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Dec 15, 2006

CREATE 2007: Creative Inventions, Innovations and Everyday Designs - London

Via Usability News

CREATE 2007 is the first joint conference between Human-Computer Interaction Specialist Groups of the Ergonomics Society and British Computing Society HCI Group – on creative invention in HCI.

CREATE 2007 is a 2-day conference about creating innovative interactions, whether digital consumer products, interactive services or interaction paradigms. A conference where the emphasis is not on presenting technology or evaluation, but to share the wealth of creative ideas we have developed to resolve problems, to create new capabilities, or new functions; where the aim is to spawn further creative designs that can make a difference to people. In keeping with this theme, we invite people to bring:

- Their experiences – designs, both successes and failures, that have pushed the boundaries of interaction
- Their approaches – principles and methods that have delivered new, people-centred ideas and products.

CREATE 2007 will present cases of innovative interactions and visualisations, and discussions of how we innovate and the role of user-centred design in the innovation process, in a workshop format allowing us to debate the ways in which new designs come about and how novel but usable interactions can be developed.

We invite cases studies of innovative design from the commercial, public, government and research sectors. Cases can come from any paradigm – the web, mobile and hand held, consumer electronics. Outline the problems, the capabilities, or new functions that were being addressed, and then describe the solutions you or your team created to resolve it.

IMPORTANT: Include photos, screen shots, or sketches, and tell us how and why it did or did not work. We also welcome theoretical and research perspectives on how we innovate.

Initial submissions should be no more than 2-pages long. Accepted papers can be either short papers 2-pages long, or be extended to long papers of no more than 6-pages. Submissions may also be invited as posters – please indicate if you specifically want to be considered as a poster.

Send your submissions via email to Sue Hull at s.hull@ergonomics.org.uk. Please include the phrase “CREATE submission” in your subject line.

Important dates:
Initial submission January 12th, 2007
Notification of acceptance Feb 9th, 2007
Full submission March 23rd, 2007
CREATE 2007 June 13-14, 2007

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