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Dec 03, 2006

Ogoglio project

From the project's website (via 3D point):

The Ogoglio project is exploring shared online worlds in the context of web enabled work. If World of Warcraft is "the new golf", then we're exploring "the new business district".

We are creating spaces where people will meet with remote coworkers, collaborate using new tools, integrate existing business applications, and enjoy the benefits of being in the same office with people in different time zones.

Project summary:

Many people now start their careers with a deep understanding of cooperative 3D communities like World of Warcraft, but when they enter the workplace they are handed email and a shared calendar and are expected to teach themselves how to be productive. Instead of forcing people to limit their communication to these thin channels, The Ogoglio project will provide community workspaces with the planning and coordination tools which have proven to be effective in multiplayer online games.

 Ogoglio City Map


Link to the Ogoglio blog


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