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Sep 18, 2006

QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer

Via Mindware


QuitKey is a small portable device that promises to help quit smoking:

This small device, which resembles an automobile keyless remote containing a computer that collects data on the test subject's smoking habits for one week. The computer implements a gradual rate reduction protocol targeting both the physiological dependence on nicotine and conditioned stimuli that may trigger the urge to smoke. QuitKey� cues the individual when it is time for him or her to smoke, based on their history. In reality, what it is trying to do is take away the natural instinct to smoke on impulse, instead teaching the women to smoke on a gradually diminishing schedule.


The device was recently tested in a small-scale pilot clinical study by tobacco-addiction researcher Monica Scheibmeir.

For the study, 10 participants were given a QuitKey, which was attached to a cigarette lighter. Every time the participant reached for the lighter, she was prompted to input data into the QuitKey. According to Scheibmeir, early results are promising. 



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