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Jul 29, 2006


Via Emerging Technology Trends

Fingertip Digitizer is a novel haptic device which allows to interpret user's hand gestures and translate for the PC, medical devices or computer games. Developed at the University of Buffalo, Fingertip Digitizer should be on the market in 3 years.
From the website:
This new fingertip-mounted device uses miniature thin-film force sensors, a tri-axial accelerometer, and a motion tracker. A real-time, network-based, multi-rate data-acquisition system was developed using LabVIEW virtual instrumentation technology. Biomechanical models based on human-subject studies were applied to the sensing algorithm. A new 2D touch-based painting application (Touch Painter) was developed with a new portable, touch-based projection system (Touch Canvas). Also, a new 3D object-digitizing application (Tactile Tracer) was developed to determine object properties by dynamic tactile activities, such as rubbing, palpation, tapping, and nail-scratching.

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