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Jul 27, 2006

A mobile network that keeps track of everything you do

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AsiaMedia reports "Japan's No. 2 telecom operator KDDI Corp said yesterday that it had developed a server which keeps an electronic record of the smallest events in a person's life and lets others sift through them.

The Lifelog Pod jots down every activity made through a cellphone or computer, including taking photographs, searching for a restaurant, listening to music and managing money. While some may loathe the thought of an omniscient network, the company said it could provide a way to make friends."

Users can learn who else their friends chat with or delve through their companions" data -- minus areas protected by passwords -- to gauge their interests," a KDDI spokesman said.

"Your information is connected to that of your friend, and that of his friend, and so on.

"In this country of cellphone aficionados, cellphone users can also put their blogs on the common server. Only people who have a common connection -- such as a mutual friend -- will be able to access each other's data.

"This isn't a violation of privacy rights," the KDDI official said. "It is simply that everyone is connected."

Japan: A mobile network that keeps track of everything you do

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