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Jun 05, 2006

3rd Annual Colloquium on Online Simulations, Role-Playing, and Virtual Worlds


3rd Annual Colloquium on Online Simulations, Role-Playing, and Virtual Worlds

October 30 - November 3, 2006, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina USA

From the conference website

About the League of Worlds

The League of Worlds (LoW) annual colloquium brings together people engaged in the creation of virtual worlds and real- time simulations for educational  and training purposes. Our mission is (1) to stimulate and disseminate research and analysis regarding the theoretical, technical, and curricular developments in; and (2) to contribute towards the development of coherent frameworks for the advancement, application and assessment of educational and social uses of role-playing, simulations, and virtual worlds.

Our primary areas of interest include:

  a. theoretical analysis
  b. the development of practical applications
  c. the documentation of framework projects and case studies

  1. About the Colloquium

The League of Worlds colloquium is not an ordinary conference. This  year's theme is: "Exploring Issues in and Asking Questions about Virtual Environments." Participants are expected to challenge one another to take a fresh look at the questions that arise when people meet in virtual territories to play, to learn, and to share. Participation is purposely limited and there will be no concurrent sessions.
Instead, participants will participate in an ongoing dialogue about virtual environments, integrating their own perspectives and expertise into the conversation. The outcome of the colloquium will be a published text comprised of a scholarly narrative of the dialogue around the themes and research discussed throughout the colloquium. All LoW participants will be cited as contributors to this published work.


The League of Worlds colloquium is designed to support sharing and meaningful reflection. Participants should allow one another the opportunity to share experiences, to demonstrate technologies, and to think critically. To facilitate these activities, the colloquium review committee is interested in submissions on the following topics:

  • Technologies used to create and manage virtual environments (tools, hardware, software)
  • Vision for what virtual environments could be (architecture,
  • Teaching and Learning in virtual environments
  • Role playing and simulations
  • Social constructivism
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Serendipitous interactions and learning
  • Community formation in virtual environments (interaction, presentation of self, presence)
  • Culture (development of, artifacts)
  • Administrative/Technical support issues in virtual environments
  • Change (Advocacy for, dissemination and sharing of research, how teaching and learning takes place)
  • Resources (to create and/or support any of above themes)
  • Research (on virtual environments in general or in support of any of above themes)

CFP available at: http://www.leagueofworlds.com/news.php



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