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May 17, 2006

Air display

The company IO2 has developed a new display technology, the Heliodisplay, which allows to project into the air still or moving images that can be manipulated with a fingertip. The Heliodisplay works by creating a cloud of microscopic particles that make the air a display medium.

From the company's website:

Heliodisplay images are not holographic although they are free-space, employing a rear projection system in which images are captured onto a nearly invisible plane of transformed air. What the viewer sees is floating mid-air image or video. These projected images and video are two-dimensional space (i.e. planar) but appear 3D since there is no physical depth reference. While conventional displays have the benefit of being attached to a physical substrate, Heliodisplay projections are located in air, so you will notice some waviness to the quality of Heliodisplay images. 

Watch the video here



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