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May 13, 2006

Phone shui

Via IFTF's future now



According to Unwired View, Motorola has recently put forth a patent for the Feng Shui Phone, which has the following functionalities:

  • Three-dimensional Hall-effect sensor for measuring the strength of electromagnetic fields and to form a compass to determine the geographic direction in which the main wall of the house faces.
  • Digital camera to determine color saturation, order and balance of the surroundings.
  • GPS receiver to determine geographic location of the phone.
  • The coordinates are then sent to the GIS databse through wireless network to to get the information about the surroundings of the location, e.g. the distance from the undesirable sites such as major airports, landfills, and factories.
  • Cellphone microphone is used to measure noise level of the location.
  • AM/FM radio to measure the AM and FM transmission strength and the distance form nearest AM/FM towers.
  • The table with the chi values of each parameter is stored in phones memory and is used for calculation of chi  values of different parameters.

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