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May 06, 2006

LA Immersive Technologies Enterprise

Via the Presence Mailing List

(From The Acadiana)

Virtual reality is commonly the stuff of science fiction โ€” but the real-world applications made possible by using computer simulations inside a virtual reality environment are as tangible as diapers and oil wells.

The soon-to-open Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise will make any number of research and business applications possible, said Carolina Cruz-Neira, the newly hired chief scientist at LITE.

Cruz-Neira gave an overview of LITE on Thursday at the TechSouth technology summit.

At the heart of LITE is a supercomputer and 6-sided (hexagonal) visual immersion cave. The supercomputer can process and simulate an enormous amount of data, then project that visual data onto the screens of the cave, which serves as a virtual reality environment that allows researchers to better understand that data...

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