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Jan 30, 2006

Presence 14:6 Now Available

Special Section:

Legal, Ethical, and Policy Issues Associated with Virtual Environments and Computer Mediated Reality


Sousveillance and Cyborglogs: A 30-Year Empirical Voyage through Ethical, Legal, and Policy Issues
Steve Mann

Buddy Bots: How Turing's Fast Friends are Undermining Consumer Privacy
Ian R. Kerr and Marcus Bornfreund

The Philosophy of Presence: From Epistemic Failure to Successful Observation
Luciano Floridi

Some Practical Considerations of Ethical Issues in VR Research
Katharina-Maria Behr, Andreas Nosper, Christoph Klimmt and Tilo Hartmann

Evaluation of a Haptic Mixed Reality System for Interactions with a Virtual Control Panel
Christoph W. Borst and Richard A. Volz

Leaving the World Behind: Supporting Group Collaboration Patterns in a Shared Virtual Environment for Product
John M. Linebarger, Christopher D. Janneck and G. Drew Kessler

Feedback Strategies for Telemanipulation with Shared Control of Object Handling Forces
Weston B. Griffin, William R. Provancher and Mark R. Cutkosky

Virtual Environment Training Therapy for Arm Motor Rehabilitation
Lamberto Piron, Paolo Tonin, Francesco Piccione, Vincenzo Iaia, Elena Trivello and Mauro Dam

Forum Issues of Law for Software Agents Within Virtual Environments
Woodrow Barfield

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