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Oct 24, 2005

Brain Oxygenation monitoring through noninvasive sensor

Via Medgadget

Medgadget reports about a new technology, which allows measuring cerebral oxygenation and indirectly cerebral perfusion. These paramethers can be used by anesthesiologists during a surgical procedure to prevent potential harm in the brain.Designed by CAS Medical Systems, Inc., the monitor, called a cerebral oximeter, uses one or more sensors attached to the forehead that emit non-harmful, low-level laser light through the skin and skull into the brain. Since the near-infrared light absorption characteristics of the hemoglobin in red blood cells are known, the system can calculate the brain tissue oxygen saturation by measuring the differences in intensity of light as it passes through the brain. When combined with pulse oximetry, the cerebral oximeter may be used to estimate the cerebral venous oxygen saturation.

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