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Oct 12, 2005

Dimensionality explores new dimensions of space

Via Torontoartsonline

Dimensionality takes assumptions of perspective is coming to an end, or mutating under new environmental pressures—video games, computer animation, 3-D computer models as its generative trope. Curator, Andy Patton has assembled a group of artists whose specific practices address the new spaces of digital realities. The works in the exhibition are often diagrammatic and stripped of worldly detail. They declare an involvement with information instead of sensuous phenomena. The participating artists don’t produce the sort of naturalist space we've seen for the last few centuries, rather, their space is structured like that of video games—a space that’s only convincing if it streams rapidly by, before its too-generalized surfaces can be inspected. deep and convincing, as though you could walk into it. As Patton states, "Star Trek was wrong: space is the initial frontier"

Featuring: Sheila Ayearst, Robert Fones, Morna Gamblin, Nestor Kruger, Angela Leach, Kristen Peterson, David Reed

Starts: Sep 10, 2005 Ends: Oct 22, 2005
At: YYZ Artists' Outlet, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 140, Toronto
Times: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Cost: Free

Web site: www.yyzartistsoutlet.org

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