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Apr 04, 2005

Bianco-Valente: Neurovisions of the post-human age

Contemporary art is exploring the link between mind, brain and technology. Artists are scientists who experiment reality in a different way. They don't use the language of maths and physics, but the universal language of sensory experiences. There are concepts that cannot be expressed using numbers. For example, how would one represent the infinite complexity of the relationship between the mind and the brain? And how to describe the invisible co-evolution between natural and artificial, between biological and technological networks?

Bianco and Valente, two artists working in Neaple (Italy) propose an original answer to these questions. The focus of their work is "on perception phenomenons and brain dynamism that enable us to retain the memories of our experiences and perceive mind images, through which we can conceive an evolving reproduction of the external reality A very fascinating subject for us is the body-mind duality: a flesh organic structure, finite and dependent on space and time that carries about the mind, a spontaneous phenomenon without visible boundaries, totally free and self-referential. We search for boundaries of this immaterial space living into the cerebral convolutions, trying to understand if and where it is possible to locate a point of contact linking indivisibly the two domains, the material and the immaterial"

More to explore

Bianco-Valente Web site (only Italian, but with a few English articles about their work)

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