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Oct 14, 2006


From Pasta and Vinegar

VibeFones: Socially Aware Mobile Phones by Anmol Madan and Alex Pentland will be presented next friday in Montreux, Switzerland for the International Seminar of Wearable Computing.

In this paper, we describe mobile social software that uses tone of voice, location and proximity information to create a sophisticated understanding of people's social lives, by automatically mining their face-to-face and phone interactions. We describe several applications of our system - automatic characterization of social and workplace interactions, a courtesy reminder for phone conversations, and a personal trainer for dating encounters.

Oct 05, 2006

It is still a watch however

Via Mobile Community Design

The MBW-100 watch lets you answer or reject calls, displays caller ID info, and even lets you play, pause and skip music tracks. The device connects to selected Sony Ericsson handsets (including K790 and K610 models) via Bluetooth 2.0. The stainless-steel, 6.6-ounce watch boasts analog dials and an OLED screen, and it lets you control a variety of phone functions, such as call handling (you can answer, reject or mute calls) and music playback (play, pause, and skip tracks)


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Sep 27, 2006

M300: wristwatch GSM phone with SMS

Via Textually.org


The Australian company SMS Development has announced the world's first truly mobile GSM watch phone.

The watchphone has SMS capabilities with an internal antenna, is tri-band and comes with bluetooth functionality; talk time is 80 minutes.

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Mar 02, 2006

Scientist Brings Life to Cell Phones

Via Networked performance (from the original posting by Jim Downing on Smart Mobs]

Samsung Electronics "is now cooperating with a local research team to develop cell phone software that can feel, think, evolve and reproduce", the Korea Times reports. "The team, led by Prof. Kim Jong-hwan at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, is hooking up with Samsung to create the attention-grabbing software outfitted with "artificial chromosomes". "This software can feel, think and interact with phone owners.It will breathe power into cell phones, bringing the gadgets to life,'' Kim said. 'We have almost completed the first-stage task with Samsung to install the software in cell phones and plan to start the second job soon,'' the 48-year-old said. Oh's former top lieutenant Lee Kang-hee said a three-dimensional avatar will lurk inside the cell phone and adjust itself to characteristics of the cell phone carriers. 'It's just like a sophisticated creature living inside a cell phone.An owner will be allowed to set its first personality by defining the underlying DNA,'' said Lee, who will join Samsung Electronics tomorrow."

However, it is up to the avatar how its personality develops with the owner. Its personality can get better or worse depending on how people treat it,'' he said. Lee added folks will be able to deal with loneliness felt by the avatar, which will pop up on the phone when they feel alone, by touching a button. Should the owner refuse to respond to the signal, the avatars will change their personalities either to express such feelings more often or just to become depressed,according to Lee. This year,the team is poised to start enabling the cell phone-embedded artificial creature to mate with another to have offspring". 

Feb 19, 2006

IST Mobile Summit 2006

IST Mobile Summit 2006 is taking place 4-8 June 2006, in Myconos, Greece

The Summit will distribute the latest information covering all aspects of wireless telecommunications for systems of present and future generation to managers, researchers, hardware/software designers and other professionals in the field. The conference will also cover policy, regulation and standardisation issues, which have a key role in the introduction of operative systems and services. The conference will include invited presentations from leading experts. Several demonstrations from European and International projects will also take place, as well as exhibitions.


Visit the event's web site for more information

Feb 07, 2006

MobileHCI 2006


The 8th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services

Date: 12-15 September 2006
Location: Espoo, Finland
Website: www.mobilehci.org

Deadlines: *Papers, Workshops and Tutorials: 1 March 2006 *Short Papers, Posters, Demos, Panels, Industry Cases, Doctoral Consortium: 7 May 2006


The 8th conference in the MOBILEHCI series provides a forum for academics and practitioners to discuss the challenges, potential solutions and innovations towards effective interaction with mobile systems and services. It covers the analysis, design, evaluation and application of human-computer interaction techniques and approaches for all mobile computing devices, software and services. Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

*Audio and speech interaction
*Context-dependent systems
*Designing Web sites for mobile devices
*Ethographical and field studies with mobile technology
*Evaluation of mobile devices and services
*Group interaction and mobility
*Intelligent environments
*Location-aware interaction
*Methods to evaluate mobile usability
*Model-based design of interactive mobile systems
*Mobile phenomena
*Mobility and work environments
*Multimodal interaction
*Novel user interfaces and interaction techniques
*Perception and modelling of the environment
*Safety issues (e.g., in-car user interfaces, payments)
*Specific classes of handheld devices (PDA, Pocket PC, WAP phone,...)
*3D graphics on mobile devices
*3G/4G devices and services
*Usability of mobile devices and services
*Visualization techniques for the mobile context
*Interdisciplinary perspectives towards mobile interaction (e.g. Social aspects)
*User centered design tools and methods for mobile systems

Dec 22, 2005


From the website.

Touch is a research project at the Interaction Design department at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, looking at user-centred applications for Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC is a technology that enables connections between mobile phones and real-world objects:bridging the gap between the real and the virtual